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I subscribe to the belief: “To whom much is given, much is required.” The journey that has led me here started with faces similar to the ones pictured above in mind.It was some time around my birthday, in September 2014, that I got into Bob Proctor’s Paradigm Shift video series, which would completely change how I saw myself and the world and would consequently change my life. It was while watching the Paradigm Shift video series that I discovered that I had subconscious mind! I was already 31 years old at the time. It was literally like time stood still for a moment as I digested the fact that my mind had been programed a certain way that was causing me to get the results I was getting in my life and that if I wanted to change my results, I could, simply by reprogramming my mind with a way of thinking that could produce those results. This was an absolute epiphany for me back then. It was also the moment that I realized that my country, Haiti, didn’t have a money problem. Although classified as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti is rich in so many ways, however, the collective mindset that still permeates the minds of its inhabitants is that of slavery, scarcity, lack, poverty and survival, hence the collective results of poverty and scarcity. Haitian people put the word “Ti” in front of every word they speak. “Ti” means little so by the power of the tongue, all they can have and create is little.

So going back to the “To whom much is given, much is required”, I instantly felt compelled to share this new found information with the people of my country, especially the youth there. I mean, I was 31 years, educated, with a law degree in hand, and didn’t know that I had control over what I was creating in my life. This stuff should have been taught to me in school. So I decided to write what would be the content for workshops I was going to hold in Haiti to share this information. These writings would become the content of 28,000 Days…Make Yours Count! published 2 years later. That was just the beginning of the process. 28,000 Days needs to be brought to the ears of the Haitian people in their language and in a format that even those who can’t read can consume. Hence the translation of the book and the InPowerment App that will continue to be the catalyst to get this kind of information to my people, while providing a platform for them to continually receive content that will support the ongoing development of their mind and awakening of their consciousness.

The InPowerment Foundation was set up to accomplish just that and many more projects, including in person workshops, to be held in schools throughout Haiti, with the goal to awaken, empower and support the minds that make up the population of my beloved motherland.