Supercharged Confidence

4 week program - Starts December 15, 2018 - Limited Seats Available. (Launch Special for the first 20 who enroll)

So, you were sent down to this earth plane to have this human experience, and you were given specific gifts and talents to use along your life journey. Do you know what they are? Did you know that they are your superpowers? Have you been using them? This unique program will answer those questions for you and supercharge your confidence to go after your goals and dreams.

Uncovering your unique, special sauce, your signature mark, that something that only you possess positions you to create the life and business of your dreams, just the way you’ve always wanted it. The Supercharged Confidence program will  put you in the driver’s seat of your life once and for all!

Module 1

You will discover some basic yet crucial Human 101 concepts you probably didn't learn in school and that your parents probably didn't know to teach you. Together, we will identify the program you have been running in various areas of your life that have been causing you to get the results you have been getting, despite your best efforts.

Module 2

You will make sense of where you currently find yourself in life and will understand why you have been getting the results you have been getting. Although you may find yourself a bit frustrated with not having had this understanding earlier, you will feel a sense of power and control over your future that you never had before. This is where you start SUPERCHARGING YOUR CONFIDENCE!

Module 3

You will dig up desires that you have been denying  expression to because of your old program. You will gain a clear understanding of why certain desires were implanted in you and you will be able to seethat your life journey has been preparing you and equipping you to bring those desires to pass. This is when you will be able to map out a plan for your life, from a place of power and from there, we will start putting the skills and experience you picked up along the way to good use as they are the indispensable tools you will use as you begin this new chapter in your life.

Module 4

I will share with you the tools and exercises that have revolutionized my business, my money, my relationships and my life. I credit each and every one of these exercises for the paradigm shift I have experienced in the various areas of my life. Let me caution you though, this is NOTa microwave process. It takes time and mental endurance but the results are soooooooo worth the process. Stay the course and have the experience on a LIFETIME!

Supercharged Confidence - 4 Week Program
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