Master Recruiter

Starts January 5, 2019 - Limited Seats Available. (Launch Special for the first 20 who enroll)

How would like to attract like-minded people into your network marketing business who are just as passionate about generating passive income as you are?

How would you like to have a team of those like-minded people working with you and creating time and money freedom you themselves and for you?

As a former Pink Cadillac Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics, I know all too well the struggles involved with building, motivating and sustaining a solid and profitable team in a network marketing business. 

  • See I got into Mary Kay as a way of avoiding having to go back to work and after my son was born. I Couldn’t do the daycare thing.

  • I started selling my products but was playing small in the business until I saw my director’s commission check for $26,000 in one month.

  • I started running the business for more than just product sales and became a director in 2 months and earned my first free car

  • In less than 2 years, I went on to earn 2 more cars including the prestigious pink Cadillac and generated close to half million dollars in retail sales my first full year as a director

  • I got tired and didn't work as hard and watched the business crumble. Why? 

  • My business was built on a house of cards. If I didn’t work, my business didn’t work! Oh No!

  • I changed my mindset and use my new way of thinking to build a successful/thriving new business

  • Now I am fully equipped to teach the dos and don'ts to network marketers while providing them with a proven approach  to build a sustainable and profitable network marketing business that they don't ever have to worry about rebuilding

In this course, I share the secrets dos and don’ts she has learned during her 5 years building her business up to Cadillac status with  close to half a million dollars in sales in just one year. 

You will learn:

Secret #1: How to build a sustainable and profitable network marketing business without having to harass people who should not even be in your business.

Secret #2: How to weed out the dabblers and fire up the hustlers who will treat your opportunity like a business.

Secret #3: How to become a magnet for like-minded movers and shakers who are passionate about financial freedom and passive income and are ready to do what it takes to create the time and money freedom they desire.

Taking this course will equip you with strategy and format that pro speakers and trainers use to confidently and powerful deliver their message while keeping their audience captivated and wanting more. Become a confident speaker is a skill and like all skills, it can be learned and this training is specifically designed to deliver these skills to you.

Master Recruiter will be held on January 5, 2019.

This course is for:

-Network marketers who want to consistently generate $5-$10k a month

-This is for people who know they are good at what they do and want to be a contribution to others with their products and business opportunity.

-It’s also for people who truly value helping others and getting them results above everything else

-It’s for people who want to  bring the right people into their team, the kind that are self-motivated, ready to make money and hungry for success.

Master Recruiter
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