Leap Into Your Lifestyle- How to Build a 6 Figure Law practice in 6 months

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A $200,000 law degree with no training on how to start, manage and grow your own law firm. In this course, Kara teaches you everything she did to build her six-figure law practice from scratch, while keeping her monthly overhead under $500/month. She shares everything she has learned while running her practice for the past 9 years; from choice of corporate entity, to maintaining a consistent flow of clients, to the effective client and office management systems that have afforded her the lifestyle that comes with successfully building a six figure law practice with low overhead.

Module 1

Yes You CAN take the Leap: It all starts with mindset. As Henry Ford so eloquently put it: “Whether you think can, or you think you can’t-you’re right”. Taking the leap is an exhilarating and freeing experience. It can also be a scary one. But what is FEAR anyway? It’s False Evidence Appearing Real— It’s nothing more than your mind playing tricks on you to keep you in your comfort zone, having you believe that things are not going to work out when in fact, they will! For me, the pain of remaining in my dreaded law job was greater than the pain of overcoming my fear of taking the leap so I jumped and guess what? it worked! This module is about looking for all the evidence that supports you taking your Leap into Your Lifestyle. It’s about gaining the clarity and peace of mind you will need to build your practice. Remember that clarity=power and power you will need as you go through this process

Module 2

Start your Law Practice with POWER: Systems, Systems, Systems! Did I mention Systems? As you go through your setup process, you want to keep your freedom in mind at all times. This is NOT about taking a leap to another job; It’s about taking a Leap into your Lifestyle! and that lifestyle will require some time freedom (and money freedom). To achieve this, your systems must, first and foremost, minimize your overheard. Your systems must also minimize your travel time and your actual work time. In this module, we will take an in depth look at what I’ve done to achieve just that in my practice!

Module 3

Rain-make like a BOSS: As the Managing Partner of your firm, rainmaking will be a top priority on your to do list. Having a clear strategy to make it happen will take out the guess work and give you the peace of mind brought by a steady flow of clients. When taking your leap, the last thing you will need is to stress about where the “mula” is going to be coming from. The only way to eliminate that stress is to have a full proof rainmaking strategy that converts into cases. In Module 3, we will go over what your monthly, weekly and daily schedule should look like. Your success and the success of your practice will greatly depend on what you do during your working hour. You must plan your work and work your plan!

Module 4

Managing your practice 101: Like rainmaking, how you will manage your practice must be planned and although, each person will develop his/her own management style, there are some basics that make all the difference when it comes to the running the day to day affairs of your firm. Throughout this module, I will share everything I did right and everything I did wrong in practice management, which will save you tons of time, tons of money and tons of head and heartache. I’ve already paid the price for these lessons… why should you?

Module 5

Plan your month/Work your month: A good year is the result of 12 good months. A good month is a result of 4 good weeks and 4 good weeks are a result of 30-31 good days. Achieving 6 figures in 6 months is not for the lucky. It is for people like you who are willing to intentionally focus on and execute a clear action plan, on a daily basis. In this module, nothing is left to chance. Your 6 figures will be the result of 6 intentionally, strategically, well worked months. I will share exactly what I do, on a monthly, weekly and daily basis with you so that you can quickly ad easy create your 6 figure practice, as I did!

Module 6

Work “on" your business as opposed to “in” your business:  This module is about growing and scaling.

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