How I Bought My Freedom For $100

How I Bought My Freedom For $100

So here I was, 26 years old, fresh out of law school with my $150,000 law degree and I find out that I am pregnant with my first born… oh and by the way, that’s before I found out whether I had actually passed the Florida bar exam I had just spent 10 weeks, 6 days a week, 12 hrs a day studying for…. Awesome!!! NOT! 

Well actually, it turned out to be PRETTY awesome! Why? Well, what are life’s challenges and obstacles meant for? To crush us? to trip us up? NO! they are there to sharpen us and to steer us down the path we were designed to travel. See, had it not been for those fateful 2 lines on the pregnancy test, I would probably still be in a law firm somewhere building someone else’s dream.

It was with my $150,000 law degree in hand that I decided to take a chance on myself and on entrepreneurship and started my Mary Kay business for just $100 bucks. That’s right! I bought my freedom for just $100. See prior to becoming a mother, all I wanted to do is work my way up the ladder in a law firm and make partner. I didn’t have any entrepreneurial aspirations at the time. However, once I had my son and flexibility became something I needed,  I became open to doing something other than the 9-5, to make flexibility my reality. Dropping my son off at a daycare to earn a paycheck and miss out on his milestone was just not an option for me. It’s crazy the things you will do and how resourceful you become when you’re mind is made up. I mean seriously…I had a law degree and a bar license in hand when I decided to start this “lipstick business” as some well intentioned but ignorant people would say. The “are you crazy?” question was too irresistible for some to pass up and the unsolicited opinions about how risky and borderline irresponsible I was to leave my lawyer job for a Mary Kay business just kept pouring in. Do you know what wasn’t pouring in along with those opinions? The money to pay my bills. And fast forward 9 years now, that was one of the best moves I ever made in my life. 

As I sit here, there would be no “How I bought my freedom for $100” blog to write to inspire you and the many people who will read this post and decide to take the leap of faith they’ve been afraid to take; whether it be to start that business, leave their J.O.B (Just Over Broke), pursue their dream career, or just choose a lifestyle that works for them. There would be no 28,000 Days…Make Yours Count Book!, the Vaval Ferrier Law Group wouldn’t exist, countless people wouldn’t have been inspired by me, the daycare lady would have heard my son utter his first words and take his first steps and I would still be in a law firm somewhere, building someone else’s dream, hating my life but too comfortable with the “security” of a paycheck to actually attempt to fly. This is the impact one decision has had on my life. What decisions are you making or not making and what is it costing you? 

The price for my freedom was $100. What will be the price for yours? are you willing to pay it? Whatever it is, I can promise you with absolute certainty that it will be worth it… 

Spread your wings and fly!