A passion to empower.


Kara Vaval Ferrier is a native of Haiti with a passion to empower everyone she comes in contact with. She’s an attorney with a thriving personal injury and immigration law practice. She’s also a wife, a mother, an avid tennis player and now, a first time author. 28,000 days…Make Yours Count! is a raw, unapologetic reflection of the author’s views on life and the universal laws that affect our journey here on earth.

28,000 Days… Make Yours Count offers its readers practical and tested suggestions on how to rise to their God-given potential and live their best lives. Each chapter offers a view of life through the lens of someone whose tragedies might easily have caused her to see herself as a victim of her circumstances. But, instead, Kara Vaval Ferrier decided to learn the lessons in her experiences and rise above them. An easy read, 28,000 days…Make Yours Count! clearly lays out the approach to life to which Kara credits her success. She shares them with the conviction that, if applied, the principles will undoubtedly produce similar results for the committed reader.